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Playing Fantasy Football


Playing in the Fantasy football league is the latest craze among football lovers all over the world. The attractive format and easy to learn rules have ensured a huge number of registrations in most of the websites, hosting the league. One gets to choose from a number of types of league formats. There is pretty good competition among the owners and most of the times a cash prize enhances it more. To start with, there is the standard league where each team goes into a one to one match with the other teams. At the end of each season the total collected points are calculated and the team with the maximum point is declared the winner.

Auction leagues allow an owner to buy players through auction and create a team with the players of his own choice. Each owner is given a fixed amount of money to buy players. In this league of fantasy football, a single player may appear in more than one team since every owner can bid for his or her favorite players. But if someone overspends on a single player then he or she will be left with little amount of money to buy the rest of the players. In this situation the managerial and strategic skills come into use.

The dynasty league is for the more serious fantasy football league players. In this format most of the team rooster remains the same at the end of the season and is carried over to the next one. With most of the players being retained any new entries will have to be done by exchanging or dropping any previous players. Every year after the end of the first season, a draft for hiring the rookie players takes place. This gives a real life experience for the fantasy owner who has to be updated with the local players and their performances.

The keepers league has the feature of both standard and dynasty league. Each season players are drafted but the owners are allowed to retain a few of the players from the previous season. This way a fantasy owner can retain the top performers and also add new talents to the team. It increases the chances of getting a higher score as the season proceeds. The survivor league is the toughest among all the others. It uses the drafting rules of a standard league but the scoring rules are totally different. What is unique about it is that the team with the lowest score each week being eliminated for the season. Thus the owner of a fantasy football team needs to see that the team doesn’t score the lowest among others. As the league moves on the competition becomes tougher for obvious reasons.

Buying and trading players is an important part of fantasy football. Maintaining an updated draft and team rooster is important. Also marking out the important players like starters and trading free agents are very useful in procuring good scores for a team.


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