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Fantasy Football


Fantasy football is one of the most popular online games played and loved by all the football lovers throughout the world in recent years.  Various sites are currently organizing this kind of leagues over the internet. Most of them are free and you just need to register to play the game. Few of them also provide lucrative winning prizes for season winners.

Fantasy football is based on real football leagues and out of them English premier league is mostly popular among fans. To understand the game firstly u must be interested in football, playing teams and their players. If you are a geek of football then it will be a piece of cake for you. And if you are new to the football world but still want to enjoy this competition, you don't need to be worried as various sites are there to help you and guide you to play this game. These sites are called scouts. Here all the information is given that you might need to make up your mind on which player to select for your team. You should look for player stats and form, team's form, rival matches, home and away situations, as these things affects the player's performance each week. You can also see expert's 11.   

Each fantasy football league lasts for one season of real football calendar.  Every week you have to make a team of 15 players according to that week's match schedules. You will be given a certain amount of money to buy those 15 players. You need to take wise decisions about which player should be on your team as star players will take a lot out of your bank. So try scouting and selecting players who will play better for that week in lesser price. It's all about choosing the player who can return the worth of your money.  You have to choose 11 starting players and 4 players as substitutes. You have to choose one captain who will get double point on whatever he scores. So choose the best player of your team as your captain.  Each fantasy football site has their own set of rules for scoring. In general your player should score a goal, have a clean sheet, assist a goal, and make saves to earn points. After each week of football all the points earned by each player of your team are collected and counted as game week points for your team. You will be ranked among the others on how much you score for that week and overall.  After the first week, you can make changes to your team by using a limited no. of player transfers. This is mostly all the information that you need to get glued to this amazing game.

So go and register for fantasy football and join the bandwagon. You can either register for the official fantasy premier league which is hosted by espnstar or you can join other leagues such as yahoo fantasy football, fox fantasy football etc.


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