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Basic Knowledge for Playing Fantasy Football


Fantasy Football League helps an individual to become the manager of his own team. The individual gets the option to select players from the league teams and form his or her own. The person solely is the manager or owner of the team. He can gain points as the way his or her selected players play in different matches of the season. So, an individual does need to be a talented person to understand the game. It simply needs certain tactics for gaining points.

The individual gets the option of selecting particular league from the list. The list includes standard league, auction league, dynasty league, keeper league, IDP league and Survivor League. In the Standard league there are two types. They are head to head and total points. In the head to head league, a particular team has to play matches against different teams every week. In the process, the team which gains maximum points is finally declared the winner of the league. In the total point’s league, different teams gather points in the season on an ongoing process. At the end of the season, the teams which have best record of winning get the opportunity to enter the playoffs and eventually the champion team is selected.

The Auction League has got the option of utilizing either the total points system or the head to head league. The main difference is that, the owners get a predetermined sum of money with which they can place bids of players for their particular teams. The individual gets the option of selection the players of his or her own choice. If an individuals spend most of the cash on a big budget player it is seen in later, that the final team becomes very week as the individual failed to fill the particular tea with quality players in every section. An individual must select the team very sensibly so that every section of the plays consistently and properly   and finally a balanced team is selected. The player need to gamble with players as an individual does in the stock market.

The dynasty league is meant for the individuals who are very committed towards the game of fantasy football. In this league multiple commitment of the owner is very much necessary. After initial draft gets over, the numbers of players of the team remain in the same rooster for the next season until and unless the owner makes any transfer. Every after the initial season gets over, a draft is organized for the rookies of the NFL. The owners get the option to select new and young talents from college teams. In the dynasty league the owner gets a much more realistic feeling as a manager of a team.

The keeper league is a mixer between the dynasty league and the standard draft league. The IDP league helps to utilize the defensive players on both individual as well as the team’s defensive unit’s basis where as in other leagues team defenses are only use. In the Survivor league, the team which has scored the least points in a particular week is totally eliminated for the rest of that season. 


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