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Premier league fantasy football is the new craze among football fans and fanatics. Here one can deal with real players, and their performances decide whether you move up or down the league table. The basic concept is about setting up a team with the players of your choice, who are playing in the actual league in that season. Their performance will decide how many points a fantasy team earns at the end of each week. Creating a winning team requires a lot of planning and strategy and dedication too, as you will have to keep up-to-date with all the new relevant information. This Premier League season promises a lot of fun and excitement to all the fantasy football players, and if you are not already in there is still time to join.

There are various types of playing modes in fantasy football league. It is up to the participant to choose one, according to his or her need. One of the most popular types is the auction league. Where, each owner of a team is given a certain sum of money to make their own team from the available players. The players are auctioned accordingly, and their prices vary from season to season based upon their actual performance in the ongoing league. So setting up a team of eleven takes a lot of strategy and planning. It is also important to have a good support of players on the benches too. So that when a player is swiped, the team remains equally balanced as it was before. Often it has been seen in fantasy football, that the players in bench have performed really well in a season and the team has lost out on points.

Keeping a track of the performances of every player is very important. Swapping can be done only once a week before the set of scheduled matches. Buying players according to choice sounds tempting but it comes with a price too. Keeping more than one or two high priced strikers may reduce the total fund which in turn will affect the quality of the midfielders and defenders. So the fund should be wisely invested while buying players at an auction. Also going with a famous player doesn’t always ensure higher points. Since, it is their performance and not their popularity that brings the points. Many fantasy football league teams have scored higher points with less known players than those with high valued players.

For example, keeping Rooney and van Persie in the same team will not mean that the team will get a good score. Also keeping a player in the team, who will not play in a match in that week, will also bring zero points. Thus, it is very important to pick players who will not only play but also perform. The ideal team should have a strong striker, a couple of strong midfielder and mediocre defenders and goalkeeper. The reason behind this is that, scoring a goal brings more point than defending one. Thus the fantasy football league team with goal scoring players will earn more points than the other with more defenders in them.

Betting for Real Money on Fantasy Football in 4 Steps

1. Make sure it is legal to gamble on fantasy football in your country. Some states consider joining a fantasy football league and competing for cash prizes a form of gambling.

2. Choose carefully where to place your bets and make a deposit. There are many reliable sportsbooks and bookmakers online. Tipically sportsbooks will accept your bet by taking a commission on your wager.

3. Develop a betting strategy. Paying attention to statistics, keeping updated with team related news and betting carefully, you will eventually improve your skills in fantasy football betting.

4. Have fun! Try to bet on fantasy football, but most important as for any entertaining activity always remember to enjoy the game.

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